Albertine Rift


Albertine Rift landscape
At the initiation of the Albertine Rift Program, WCS was asked by the MacArthur Foundation to lead a process to start to develop a strategic plan for the conservation of this region.

A core planning group was formed, elected by protected area authorities from each of the five countries in the Albertine Rift (Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda) together with other NGOs (national and international). This core group was comprised of Albertine Rift Conservation Society, Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International, International Gorilla Conservation Programme, Makerere University, World Wildlife Fund and WCS.

The planning group developed a Strategic Framework Plan for the conservation of the Albertine Rift in 2004 within which six key landscapes were identified as sites for a conservation focus:
  1. Murchison-Semliki Landscape (Uganda)
  2. Greater Virunga Landscape (Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Uganda)
  3. Maiko-Itombwe Landscape (Democratic Republic of Congo)
  4. Congo-Nile Divide (Burundi, Rwanda)
  5. Greater Mahale Ecosystem (Tanzania)
  6. Marungu-Kabogo (Democratic Republic of Congo)


Subsequent planning has been taking place at each of these landscapes to develop detailed ten year conservation action plans for the landscapes.