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The climate in the Albertine Rift is already changing. Records over the last century show that temperature has risen by 2 oC in some sites. This is not solely due to global climate change but is also due to forest and wetland clearance in the region.  WCS has been leading  a process to establish how climate change is likely to cause changes in the Albertine Rift region and how conservation managers and governments need to adapt to these changes. We have established a monitoring program that will monitor changes in climate, changes in vegetation and also movements of certain species in response to global climate change. Climate change mitigation efforts include plans to conserve forest in the region as a store of carbon and we are assessing how REDD+ financing could provide incentives for farmers to maintain natural forest on their lands. We are also assessing possible adaptations that can be implemented in response to climate changes in the region, including planning for conservation under future climate change.



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Albertine Rift Program
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Samuel Ayebare
Data Analyst & Oil Projects Manager
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