Albertine Rift


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Deo Kujirakwinja
Director Eastern DRC Projects
Deo Kujirakwinja manages WCS's Eastern DR Congo Program with projects in Virunga and Kahuzi Biega national parks and the Itombwe and Misotshi-Kabogo massifs. With an MSC in conservation from the University of Cape Town he is also an ornithologist and specialist in hippo surveys.
Andrew Plumptre
Director Albertine Rift Program
Andy Plumptre established has been managing WCS' Albertine Rift Program since 2000. One of the few people to have ever visited and worked in all of the sites in the Albertine Rift he has been working to conserve the six key landscapes and their biodiversity.
Michel Masozera
Country Program Director, Rwanda
A former Project Director in Nyungwe, returned as Country Director in 2010. Extensive experience in environmental economics and PES.
Papy Shamavu
Project Director, Virunga Conservation Project
Papy started working with WCS in 2004 as a field assistant for WCS's Virunga Conservation Project and was later promoted as the Project Director in 2010. One of his most significant contributions to the DRC Program and conservation work in DRC was to design and lead the process that led local community to recognize the biological importance of the Kabogo forest and its future as a national park. In 2009, it was said that there were no elephants remaining in Kahuzi-Biega National Park, however, Papy was instrumental in providing critical data that showed evidence of the presence of elephants in Kahuzi-Biega. Papy studied at the College of Wildlife Management in Tanzania.
Geoffrey Mwedde
Regional Manager WCS Uganda
Geoffrey manages WCS Uganda's projects in Western Uganda and has been involved in the transboundary collaboration between Uganda and DRC in the past.

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