Albertine Rift

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A new study published in PLos One documents the drastic decline of Grauer’s gorilla, the World’s largest ape and a subspecies of the eastern gorilla. Confined to the Albertine Rift in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, the study found that it had declined by at least 77% across its range in the past 20 years. This research provided the data that justified the up-listing of Grauers gorilla to Critically Endangered status on the IUCN Red List of threatened species. It also means that the eastern gorilla become Critically Endangered.  Only the Kahuzi Biega Highland Sector had a population of gorillas that has been increasing in the past 15 years. This shows that where resources are invested well to conserve the species it can be rescued but more resources are needed across its range. Two key areas need to be protected to conserve this species outside the Kahuzi BIega National Park: 1. The Itombwe Reserve which was recently gazetted in June 2016 and 2. The Oku Primate Reserve which is in the process of being established at the moment with the communities living in that area.

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