Albertine Rift

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Despite a 77% decline in the population of Grauer's gorilla across its range as reported by WCS in April 2016, there is one area where their numbers are increasing slowly. The highland sector of Kahuzi Biega National Park has been relatively well protected by ICCN, the parks authority, and its partners. The only site where you can visit Grauer's gorilla as a tourist, this region has been recognised as an important source of income locally and as a result the gorillas are better protected by local communities also. A recent survey by WCS and ICCN has shown their numbers have increased to 213 gorillas from 181 in 2010 and 130 in 2000. This steady growth shows that where sufficient resources are invested and where there is local support for their conservation that this ape can increase in number despite insecurity and civil war.

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