Albertine Rift

WCS Albertine Rift News

A Conservation Action Plan for the Albertine Rift region was recently completed, documenting the conservation importance of the region for global biodiversity conservation and summarizing the key objectives of six Landscape action plans to conserve the region. Pulling together 16 years of biodiversity research and landscape planning this plan builds upon a previous regional framework plan that was developed in 2004. The Albertine Rift is documented in the plan as one of the most species rich sites on the African continent with more endemic and threatened vertebrates than any other ecoregion. Each landscape has its own unique species that have specific requirements for their conservation and using conservation planning methods the plan assesses how best to conserve all the endemic and threatened species at least cost and which sites are critical for species conservation because they cannot be replaced by another site because of the species they contain.The Conservation Action plan is Available for download here (8MB)
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